new to pea puffers and i have some questions

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new to pea puffers and i have some questions

Post by claudia123 »

Hi guy! I got two pea puffers a couple of days ago. they are currently in a 10 gallon tank which lots of plants and rocks with holes that they can go in and out of. Today I noticed they were swimming towards the top and as the day went on they just stayed at the top. i heard that means there is not enough oxygen in my tank, so I got an air bubbler. one of my puffers keeps going into the air bubbler and flying up should i be concerned about this? I am also worried that the air bubbler will cause then to knock into the sides of the tank or the rocks. I worried that it’s too strong for their little bodies. I am also confused on why there was not enough oxygen in the tank when i the filter is on and working. Both of them have also been doing a lot of glass surfing and i was wondering what to do to help them? They also have not eaten since i’ve gotten them. I have tried frozen bloodworms, frozen mysis shrimp, and frozen brine shrimp. what should i do? Please let me know what u guys think. Thanks.
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Re: new to pea puffers and i have some questions

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Moving to the hospital forum, so you can answer all the Qs above, in red.

In the meantime: https://www.pufferfishenthusiastsworldw ... vancoricus
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