Free Bird and tank

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Free Bird and tank

Post by Blinkey »

Here are some images showing my new green spotted pufferfish named Free Bird, and his/her marine tank. Free Bird was successfully drip acclimated over 12 hrs from 1.008 sg (at lfs) to 1.023 sg. He/she took it really well and was very active from the moment of entering the tank, no sulking what-so-ever :lol: .

The tank itself contains about 132 L (35 USgal) after compensating for water displacement from substrate and rockwork etc. The liverock was originally dry rock that was cooked and (fishless) cycled for a period of 4 months. The HOB skimmer is a Bubble Magus Q3 (300 lph) and does serious work on producing quite dark skimmate. Water is circulated using two powerheads, including a Fluval CP2 (will likely get a 2nd later and replace the aquaone) and Aquaone Maxi power head 101.
Free Bird started eating from the 2nd day of introduction and has been eating well since. No signs of IPs and a nice roundish belly is often seen. Regardless, I will be administering separate treatments of Praziquantel and Levamisole as a precautionary measure.


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Re: Free Bird and tank

Post by Pufferpunk »

You are getting sleepy... you only hear the sound of my voice... you must do water changes... water changes... water changes... water changes...

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