male dwarf puffer behavior

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male dwarf puffer behavior

Post by quax-aqua »

Hi ! (sorry for my english, I'm French)

I have 6 dwarf puffer in a 31g tank, 2 females and 4 males.
And I've noticed that one male keeps going to a precise place in the tank and looks at the floor.
I've read that the male protects the eggs, do you think this behavior could be him protecting his eggs ?

I can't realy see if there's eggs because the floor is sand where he does that.

I hope you will reply and if it's really him protecting his eggs I would be so happy ! :D
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Re: male dwarf puffer behavior

Post by eustoma »

I don't know if we would be able to tell you exactly if that's what happening, though I just noticed this post was from sometime last year... did you ever find out if it was guarding eggs?
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