in love with a midnight arothron puffer aka DFP

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in love with a midnight arothron puffer aka DFP

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Hi - I have fallen in love with dog face puffers... specifically the midnight species the all black puffer. But I also like the yellow one!

I am looking to add this fish to a 75 gallon tank now and I am upgrading to a new tank. Depending on the requirements of the DFP I am looking at 6 foot systems: 125 / 150 / 180.

His tankmates are: blue tang / yellow tang / Vroliks wrasse hali species / chromis / flame angel / sand sifting goby / blue dragonet / leather corals / mushrooms / kenya tree / blue spot puffer.

Specifically here are my questions:
* What tank size recommended for a DFP? the midnight puffer says 100 gallons but the yellow puffer says 150 minimum why the difference?
* I QT all my fish before they go into DT and use tank transfer to ensure no ich. HOW would I do this with a puffer who can't be netted? I am very concerned about this? Do you catch the in a tupperware container? They can be exposed to air just not nets?
* Will my soft coral live with a DFP?
* Can it coexists with a blue spot puffer? The compatability charts say caution? Is that with the same species of puffer or with other species also?
* Will my tank mates work with a DFP? Do they eat chromis?

So thrilled I found this site! I like to ensure I can keep a fish before I take them home. The fish is on backorder now so I thought I could do my research now!!

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