Brittle stars

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Brittle stars

Post by Ayre » Wed Feb 03, 2016 10:38 pm

I am setting up my 150g to house either a dog face or porc. Before I get my puffer I have to set up my 40g for some geriatric fin friends I have. I am so torn as to what to do with my brittle star! I fear she will be too cramped in the 40g. I even asked on wet web media and the guy who answered said it would be too small too. I am trying so hard to get hubby to let me get a 75g for her before we set up the 40g.
On one hand I know my fish. I have had her for 10 years. I think she would be fine in the 40 as long as she had her cave and a tall structure to 'drape' over. I am agoraphobic and know what it is like to be closed in. If I thought for one second my star would not be happy I w ouldnt do it. After 10 years you get really attached. But then I think...but maybe I don't know what is best for her after all and being stingy. I won't get a puffer until I am sure my geriatrics are stable in another tank. I have not bought a fish in 3 years just letting my guys live their lives happy. My 250 looks empty with 2 clown fish hiding behind a rock a star fish in a cave. But I love them very much.
Did I mention my brittle star is 22"
She was a hitch hiker on a piece of rock when I first got into marine fishes. She was 2 inches then. She lets me know when she is hungry and eats fish off of a shish ka Bob stick, lol.
I think she would be fine in the 40. She ain't active. She likes her cave and running. Am I being insensitive? Should I just wait and let her live out her life?

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Re: Brittle stars

Post by Pufferpunk » Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:03 am

I think she should be fine in there, as long as the parameters are the same. I am the same with my fish & other creatures.
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Re: Brittle stars

Post by Ayre » Thu Feb 04, 2016 1:11 am

Sorry for the typos the tank I have is 150 not 250. And thank you for the sentiments regarding my brittle. I am probably as attached to her as people their puffers :) she is HUGE#!
I think she will be fine. I just worry too
I found the articles on breeding food for puffers!!! I am going to start asap!

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Re: Brittle stars

Post by Toeykill » Thu Sep 08, 2016 3:38 am

I have read all about it. I am sure this is for the good and benefit the most.

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