what can live with a fahaka

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Long story short...

If you want to be sure the tankmates survive, then you can't have tankmates.

If you are willing to risk the tankmates being slaughtered and dying a nasty death, possibly also fouling the tank (especially if you don't find the body immediately), causing an ammonia spike and killing your puffer at the same time, then take the risk and add tankmates.

There are no guarentees. The safe thing to do is to not have tankmates, simple as that.
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Re: what can live with a fahaka

Post by akadios »

My Fahaka has grown into a full on buddy relationship with a Bala Shark. They teamwork feeding time, rest together, etc. Of course your mileage may vary, but I have found that my Fahaka has grown quite tolerant of other fish. Including a small group of Siamese algea eaters and some rainbows.

EDIT: One piece to add is both of these fish came into the same fish store in the a washed out tide container and were rescued together. So I don't know that I would buy a bala shark and toss it in just to see if a fahaka would tolerate it.
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