Amazon Puffer swim bladder issue?

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Amazon Puffer swim bladder issue?

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I am not sure what is going on but my 1 out of 5 Amazon Puffer has been acting like this for over a week now. At first when I saw him curl up and start doing that, I thought he was a goner. After that I haven't seen him for a few days. Then I saw him again in the front of the tank and I thought he was dead but he seemed pretty alert. Just couldn't swim and would be upside down curled. I tried eating and he will try to eat and does eat and does still excrete waste. So I believe this is now day 10 that he is like this. I have him in a planted 40 gallon breeder with 4 other Amazon Puffers. They are all thriving and fat. The parameters are normal but I actually noticed that my pH has started to rise to 7.4 and I started to get hair algae. I think my new light is causing hair algae to grow and threw off the balance of the tank and started to have a CO2 imbalance. That is the only thing that I noticed. I have had these puffers for about 3 months now. I just feel bad for the fella.
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Re: Amazon Puffer swim bladder issue?

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Is it common that no one replies?

I’m new.

Anyway—your little one is very cute!
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Re: Amazon Puffer swim bladder issue?

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Sorry, I don't have much help here, must have missed this post.
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