Will my fahaka grow any more? Or is his growth stunted?

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Will my fahaka grow any more? Or is his growth stunted?

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Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum and to fahaka care.. Here's the situation.. I got my fahaka from a co-worker who had him in a little 20 gallon tank that was very grimy and not the cleanest waters.. my friend knew he couldn't care for the fish as best he could so I took him... He was only getting fed two feeder fish every two days if that and it looked like he wasent getting any water changes.. so after I took him home I went to the local fish store and bought him a 55 gallon tank and all the essential water testing supply's... I quit feeding him feeder fish and bought him live frozen freshwater shrimp and live mystery snails.. I also got him some Manila clams... He seems to love that food over the feeder fish... I'm concerned about his growth.. my friend seems to think he's about 10 months old and he's only about 4 inches long.. were moving out of our apartment soon and I already found a 120gallon to put him in.. do you think he'll grow to maturity or will he be stunted as the four inch puffer??

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Re: Will my fahaka grow any more? Or is his growth stunted?

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I had my fahaka in a 125g for 17 years & when I moved, he lived his last 2 years in a 180g & he got bigger in there.
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