What filter should I get for my GSP?

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What filter should I get for my GSP?

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Hello! I have a green spotted puffer (about 2 inches) in a 10-gallon tank right now, and he will be moved to a 29 gallon soon. I will have aragonite sand for substrate, have a glass lid (so he doesn't jump), and a few rocks. I will also have a filter, but I'm not sure what filter to get.
I want to get a filter that would last a long time and would be good for my puffer. I will do good water changes and everything.
I can't afford a canister filter.
I am specifically looking to get an AquaClear filter, because I heard many good reviews for it, and you can adjust the flow.

What Aquaclear filter should I get? 30? 50? 70?

Thank you, in advance.

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Re: What filter should I get for my GSP?

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Aquaclears are great! Go with the largest. I also suggest a larger tank for your puffer.
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