F8... or a GSP ... which should I get?

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F8... or a GSP ... which should I get?

Post by thatmarinescienceguy »

Both of these are generally available in my area, and I want to be able to pick just the right little guy, not just settle with one that's in stock at the moment. Does anyone have experience with F8's and GSP's? I had an F8, he lived solo in a 75g 15-19 ppt salinity water (high, I know), with tons of live rock, HOB and wet/dry filter and protein skimming, and I loved the heck out of that fish. I'm interested in just getting 1 Puff, but, I like how I hear the GSP's get larger in size. Make no mistake, my F8 had a personality that was at least 6" long.. even though he was about 3.75" to 4" long.

The new aquarium will be a standard Aqueon 75g, tempered glass bottom, back glass aquarium panel drilled for a Herbie style return (no more HOB syphon), will be a self install, a true sump passing through a sock, then internal protein skimming, through a ceramic biomedia pad, then to the return pump where water will pass through the manifold and either divert directly up to the tank, or into the duel reactor with carbon and GFO, then into the UV light filter (operational on a timer for parts of the day), then back to the return line section of the sump. All hard plumbed, gate and ball valves, Y check valves, unions all over.. will cost me a small fortune .. but my next little Puff gets the best.

With that filtration set up, I could easily go full salt. I've been reading GSP's handle full salt.. GSP's grow bigger... which seems cool...but are GSP's as friggin cute as F8's? Puff, my old F8 buddy, this fish could charm anyone, he even liked looking at pictures from books, my tie each morning, keys..

I'm just curious what you all thought.
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Re: F8... or a GSP ... which should I get?

Post by Pufferpunk »

With a tank that size, it is totally up to you. F8s require low-end BW (SG 1.003-5) & GSPs high-end BW-SW (1.015-20).
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Re: F8... or a GSP ... which should I get?

Post by Spotfin »

With that set up and ability to go marine, chose the gsp.
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