Accidentally received f8 puffer in mail~ help!

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Accidentally received f8 puffer in mail~ help!

Post by Porsche »

The other day I ordered two African dwarf frogs and when I opened the box there was a puffer! Currently I’m in a dorm so the largest tank I can have is a five gallon. I know it’s not the largest but it’s given the circumstances it’s what I have to use for now! My tank is cycled, heavily planted (live), 78 degrees F and filtered. I have frozen blood worms and I ordered live feeding snails but they won’t be delivered for 10 more days. The only pet store here is petsmart and they don’t give away feeder snails as store policy. This puffer won’t eat the frozen worms- I’ve watched and read up on how to make them eat but nothing is working. Any tips for frozen blood worm feeding?
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Re: Accidentally received f8 puffer in mail~ help!

Post by Pufferpunk »

Oh gosh, I hope you gave the shipper a piece of your mind! I'm glad you have a cycled tank for him. Unfortunately, I wouldn't keep a F8 in a tank <15g. Can you donate him to an aquarium store?

Be sure to defrost the worms & strain off the juice they're in.


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Re: Accidentally received f8 puffer in mail~ help!

Post by Spotfin »

If you still have the puffer, try frozen mysid shrimp or pick up some shrimp from the local grocery store. Try small pieces.
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