Brackish puffers to saltwater?

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Brackish puffers to saltwater?

Post by Tibbs88 »

I'm new to brackish and salt but I have a 90gl freshwater tank for 3 years now. The wife gave up on the tank and said I could do what I want with it.
I wanted to start over and do a brackish tank but after talking with my LFS owner, she told me that a saltwater tank would be easier once it was set up besides the cost. I love the look of the GSP and figure 8, etc. But I have heard that yes you can turn brackish puffers to full salt and no you can't.
I like the idea of a full salt but the marine puffers haven't caught my eye or that I have a big enough tank for some of them. I was looking for some clarity on the topic.
I'm trying to do the most research I can before I even make the switch but there is a lot of topics I have found that dont answer a lot of questions I have. I also have a 30gl tank but I don't know if that would be enough to do a brackish for a GSP in last resort and go full salt with my big tank.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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Re: Brackish puffers to saltwater?

Post by Pufferpunk »

30g is very difficult to maintain as SW, especially if your new at this. Also, considering you need 1 1/2-2lbs live rock/gal, there wouldn't be much swimming room left for a Nerf football-sized puffer in a 30g.
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