New dwarf puffer not eating

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New dwarf puffer not eating

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I got a dwarf puffer a week ago. He's very small and is in a 56L/15 gallon tank with 3-5 Amano shrimp (I never see them all at once, but I think the 5 are still there) and some pond snails. The aquarium store said they treated them all for internal parasites when they arrived, but to be safe I put him a bucket in with Flubendazole for a day before putting him in with the shrimp.

Anyway, it's been a week and he hasn't eaten anything. I've dropped live and frozen blood worms in front of his face but he doesn't go for them. I think he does see them though. His belly looks full. Is this OK - maybe he's eating really small snails? If not, is there some pellet food I can try?

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Re: New dwarf puffer not eating

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Your best bet is live blackworms. Try using a cone feeder, so they are all in 1 place.
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