Hi folks, proud Fahaka owner joining the party.

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Hi folks, proud Fahaka owner joining the party.

Post by Anjin »

I am a new aquarist that got started because the kids wanted a betta. As the boy progressed to 4 or 5 tanks, and we were wandering through fish stores every other day it seemed, least once a week, I found myself attracted to a particular Jack Dempsey that looked so forlorn in a tiny tank at Petsmart. After buying this little fish, no bigger than a quarter, and watching it grow quickly into an 8 inch monster. I was pretty hooked. Now we have tanks full of plants, tanks full of Goby, Oscars, Goldfish, Clouds, Corys, Guppies, Bettas, Garras, Rainbows, and im sure others floating around here and there.

But I have always held back on the Puffers. Watching them interact with us as we wandered a store, the big ole eyes following us every time we walked by. Watching the big Mbu getting fed at Aquarium Coop. All of these led to the desire for our family to adopt one someday. But first I wanted to be sure I could provide the right home. So first, the space for a 125 gallon tank. Next space for the tanks to grow feeder animals. Starting cultures of clams, shrimp, crayfish, and scuds. And finally, we happened to be in a store where a tiny little baby Fahaka was sitting all alone. Peeking around a bit of driftwood at us with those curious eyes. No bigger than a dime, but we know the potential for the species.

So Snoop, our baby Fahaka is now a part of the family. I had started preparing a month or two ago. Breeding bladder snails with a ready constant supply of BB sized feeders. Also raising dwarf cajun crawfish and have a seemingly never ending supply of little guys. Ghost shrimp also are easy to breed. And of course scuds. Turns out that scuds are the bomb for Snoop. I toss them in, and it's like watching a puppy chasing a ball. Great exercise, as well chase and grab behavior. Snails, Snoop just sucks right out the shell. As for the shrimp, Snoop just lets them be.

In an effort to learn all I can, I wandered to this little corner of the intermuhwebs. Thanks for being here and supporting puffer folks of all kinds.


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Re: Hi folks, proud Fahaka owner joining the party.

Post by Pufferpunk »

I think you are the most-prepared pufferkeeper I've ever met!
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