Brackish Tank & Skimmer Questions

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Brackish Tank & Skimmer Questions

Post by Addywoot »

I'm really grateful to have found this forum. Reddit was not really equipped with this level of expertise. After reading this forum last night, I learned that the use of skimmers was appropriate at times to maintain water quality with puffers.

Currently, I have a brand new 37g empty tank. My plan is currently:

- 1 Figure 8 Puffer
- 4 (or 5?) bumblebee gobies

I'm struggling to figure out the filtration and then found out about skimmers. My background is in Lake Tang cichlids so this is my first foray into brackish and I know little to nothing about skimmers.

What kind of combination is recommended for filter and skimmer? Cost isn't an issue - I want to build in as much efficiency up front as possible given the long lifespan of figure 8s. I also have fibromyalgia so the less water changes the better.

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Re: Brackish Tank & Skimmer Questions

Post by Pufferpunk »

Glad you found us! Protein skimmers will only function properly, in high-end BW-Sw, at a SG of ~1.018 or higher. Not recommended for normal BW tanks. F8s are best kept at 1.003-1.005.
For that tank, I'd go with an Aquaclear filter.
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Re: Brackish Tank & Skimmer Questions

Post by thatmarinescienceguy »

I used to have a single F8 puffer in 75g, 15-19 ppt set up with tons of live rock, 79-80 degrees, a standard light (not able to support most plants), a HOB overflow, wet/dry filter (which I am learning is a nitrate factory and junk filtration), and an external reef octopus skimmer. I LOVED that skimmer, besides it being external, it was the best way to keep that water clean. Mr. Puff pants lived for 6 good long years with me, and grew to 4" long. Since he's passed, I'm preparing for an upgrade to 3 stage sump, carbon/GFO dual reactor, and a reef octopus internal sump skimmer. I guess I'll lower my salinity to 8-10 ppt if I plan on another F8, which I'd prefer (and cut back on feeding), but sounds like I probably need to look into going more into the saltwater puff route.

My only advice if you do get a skimmer is to get an internal one, NOT an external one. Those are just another hassle if they leak.

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