GSP Injury

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GSP Injury

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Hi guys I wonder if anyone can help.
I have two GSP that I rescued in 2016 from a guy who was keeping them in a 2 gallon tank on his bedside cupboard!
I have had them 3 years in .005 brackish, water parameters are good with a weekly 1/3 water change.

They are both very healthy with good colour and nice white tummies, one has doubled in size while the other has remained about the same.

The large one is quite skittish and often shoots to the top and even jumps out the water if he is spooked or even if I stand too close looking at the tank.
The small one can be the most aggressive, often chasing the large one off while eating and he also appears to hunt (or chase) the big one on occasion but always backs off when a few inches away, I have never seen them attach each other.

That's the background, now the question.
Are GSP prone to attack (eat) each other?
The reason I ask is the large one has a large wound on his back and I have no idea how it happened, it could have happened if he jumped out of the water and hit the glass to or even landed on a rock.
My worry is the small GSP has been taking bites out of the big one, does/can this happen, I have never seen it.

I will add the large on had an almost identical wound white wound about a 1-2 years ago that healed up but now its back.

The only other thing I can add is the large one also appears to have no appetite since the injury, even if I give them their favorite treat of bloodworms the little one scoffs them while the big one swims around looking uninterested.

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