Miurus eating advice

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Miurus eating advice

Post by NJD » Wed Aug 14, 2019 3:31 pm

Hi all,

Long time no posting..

Having not bought any new puffers for months I finally bought a miurus. He's got his own 100 litre tank (well and truly cycled, I took media from several well established tanks to fill the canister and flow rate is a good 8x per hour).

A nice big bed of sand which he spends most of his time buried in.

Unfortunately, i cannot get him to eat.

He had been in the shop for about 2 months. I was there when he first arrived and visited a good number of times whilst they de-wormed, and weened him on to frozen foods.

By the time i picked him up, he was eating frozen foods on a daily basis (I know he doesn't need to eat daily and I planned to cut it down to a few times a week once i brought him home). I personally witnessed them feeding him on a few occasions, as soon as the food got anywhere near the tank he was going nuts and wolfed it down.

Unfortunately he has not eaten once in the last 2 and a bit weeks since i picked him up. Ive tried dangling it in front of him and garlic soaks etc and no use.

I wasn't worried at first as these guys can go a while without eating, i assumed he would eventually settle and start eating..but now it has been 2 weeks and no sign of eating so I'm getting worried.

Any suggestions?

I do not want to try live foods as he's already been weened off them once i don't want to start that again if i can avoid..

p.s. i know it took a good few weeks for the shop to get him to eat, but i assumed now that he's settled in captivity it wouldnt be so hard to get him to eat when moving him...

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Re: Miurus eating advice

Post by Pufferpunk » Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:05 pm

I got to the point where all my would eat are live worms.
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