Need some help with care info all input is appreciated

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Need some help with care info all input is appreciated

Post by Ventihedron »

Hello Im new to this forum and I need assistance in the care requirements for two specific puffers. The first of which the avacado puffer. I've heard then can live in a 20 gallon long tank and only get around 4 to 6 inches. I was wondering if anyone had anymore info on them as info is limited from what I can see lol. The second fish is the figure 8 puffers! I love these little guys but my LFS sells them in freshwater. I know they must be converted to brackish but I was wondering how to go about that as I'm not very experienced with brackish fish. And I was also told that.if I were to get a 29 gallon tank I could house 3 of them if well planted is this true? The filter I'm using is a sponge filter made for 60 gallon tanks with a 55 gallon air pump.

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Re: Need some help with care info all input is appreciated

Post by astrid37 »

This may help with the Figure 8 questions:

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Re: Need some help with care info all input is appreciated

Post by Pufferpunk »

"Avacado" puffer is possibly the Modestus?
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Re: Need some help with care info all input is appreciated

Post by AZL »

Like the others who have responded I'm unsure what sort of puffer avocado refers to but those are good suggestions. It's important to know what exactly it is as puffers have different requirements as you clearly realise and LFS often ignore or are unaware of this. I don't know anything about the modestus puffer but figure eights are definitely brackish, I looked into those due to their smaller size before going for green spotted puffers. If 20 gallon is the minimum, it would be far better to have more space and no way can three puffers much bigger than the pea or dwarf puffers go in 29 gallons. If it's a figure eight 30 gallons is minimum and it's unlikely more than one will live together peacefully in the long term. Although a LFS tried to convince me I could house 4 green spotted puffers in 60 gallons I've taken Pufferpunk's excellent advice and ensured that I have the space and ability to upgrade to 420 litres or 111 gallons for my pair as they grow based on her recommendation of 55 gallons each. They get 6" but like all puffers are highly intelligent, curious, and active so need more space than other fish of similar size. This will mean me reinforcing the floor, building a levelling platform and a custom cabinet, and a custom tank and sump as mine are in marine but well worth the effort as these fish can live 15 years and I very much want them to have a full, happy life. the fact that you're asking these questions and realising the LFS is likely BS-ing you makes it clear you feel the same way. Can you get a photo of the puffers you're looking at? I'm a noob as well but am sure that one of the experts on here can identify and advise precisely after seeing an image. :)

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