Advice please, setting up for GSP sooner than planned and need to get it right!

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Advice please, setting up for GSP sooner than planned and need to get it right!

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Hi, I posted upon joining as I was planning to set up for GSP's later in the year and have found it very useful perusing this forum in preparation. Last night I spoke to someone in a group who lives nearby and needs to re-home a 1" juvenile GSP as the others he has are much larger and while not actually hurting him are getting annoying - he wants him elsewhere before this escalates. I explained I need to quickly source a set up on a shoestring and then cycle properly but as it's not an emergency as yet he's fine with me taking the little guy once I have a cycled tank. A 250 litre 66 gallon tank suitable for brackish or marine turned up on Facebay and the other bits are more manageable cost wise so it's a go. I was wondering if you experienced puffer keepers might be able to advise me on a few things?

The current owner said the breeder he got the GSP from still has others from the same batch available so I'm think to get one more who will also only be 1" and introduce them together as there is ample room for them both as adults in the tank I'm setting up. I've heard differing views on whether a pair will work going forward with GSP's, they sound more likely to co-exist happily than some other species and it puts me at ease a bit that the bigger ones the fish is currently housed with are only being annoying, not violent. Does this sound ok?

I know figure eights are ok with bumblebee gobys but again I've heard mixed things about having GSP's with them - would a few gobys be likely to co-exist well in a large tank with GSP's?

Lastly what filter can you recommend? I can't run an external due to noise and risk or leakage but will get a good spec internal as per recommendations and am planting the tank heavily with mangroves to assist filtration and provide more stimulation and hiding places for the GSP's.

Many thanks! :)

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Re: Advice please, setting up for GSP sooner than planned and need to get it right!

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If I read your other post correctly, you are planning on moving him into a marine tank right away?
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