My dream tank!

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My dream tank!

Post by astrid37 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 9:05 pm

I'm almost finished setting up my 125g with the 6 T. schoutedeni. Other inhabitants are 6 upside-down cats and 15 oneline tetras. I put a few more rocks in the front left after I took this photo, and there is more val coming, but here's a general idea shot of the tank.

They're all settling in wonderfully! Everyone ate well tonight, and all bellies are consistently staying convex to some degree, some very so. They are getting a rotation of fresh-then-frozen-then-thawed raw shrimp soaked in Vitachem, live blackworms, and Hikari frozen-then-thawed bloodworms soaked in Vitachem, with ramshorn snails every other night. My older T. schoutedeni in the 55g has her color back and seems happier now that she's a single lady, too!

If you have any suggestions for better ways to do hiding places or placement of rocks/plants or any other suggestions, I'm always open! It will look better and have more line-of-sight diminishment once the plants start to grow in a bit more. My spouse keeps making fun of my two giant sponge filters in addition to my Eheim 2262 canister, but if our power goes out, I want as much filtration as possible. (We tend to get power outages here, and when that happens, I make him set up the generator just to power the sponge filters on all of my tanks :lol: ) Gotta keep all of my babies as comfy and healthy as possible!!

They've been nipping a bit, kind of setting out their territory it seems, and generally go after the littlest one the most, especially at mealtime. I'm making sure everyone eats plenty, though, and it all seems pretty normal behavior.

I keep having to pinch myself! This is a dream come true!
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Re: My dream tank!

Post by StinkyPete » Mon Jul 09, 2018 9:41 pm


I'd say more spiderwood and plants!
It would hide the sponge filters while having easy scoot-to-side room to get the sponge every so often.
Smaller pieces look like one when you see them stacked together. It gives the puffs a playground of monkeybars to swim through too.

6ft of Yes.
I like it.

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