What's your puffer's name?

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What's your puffer's name?

Post by Jayhawk »

Well, my wife, being the comedian that she is, has renamed my Figure 8 (formerly known as Dougal). Now, he's named Hoover (which I love since he's like a little snail vacuum - which was her observation). :lol:

So, what have you named your puffers?

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Post by Bred »

Gunther (Fahaka), Butterchubs (the cutest of three SAPs), and They Who Are Yet To Be Named (the other two SAPs). :mrgreen:
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Post by Myaj »

You know, I rarely name any of my fish. I have a betta named Bubba because he is so aggressive and stupid, a big goldie named Big Mama since she is so incredibly fat.. Out of the 70 or so fish I own, that's it hehe.

The puffers are generally "puffer dude" for the SAP, "little girl" for the smallest of the dwarves, and the other two dwarves are "big girl" and "little man". I guess that's the closest I come to names for them hehehe.
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Post by Woland »

Well, my daughters are deeply involved in naming the family pets.

Here is the list:

Izabella - GSP

Adrian - SAP

Frog- T. turgidus

1,2,3 - 3 x T. biocellatus

Fred - T.palembangensis

and finally Babe - Fahaka.

The others lives nameless lives...

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Post by Sari »

My GSP is Charlotte.
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Post by Mickle »

Rupert the Target Puffer
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Post by Rocker »

Taz - Fahaka
Ras - Red congo
Barney - Palambang
Tom phallus and Harry - 3 Arrowheads
Spot - Fangs
The 4 dps and 3 Irrubesco - nameless to protect their identity :lol:
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Post by HRPuffersnStuff »

My first figure eights were named HRPuffersnStuff (RIP) and Snufflepufflegus.
Soon after I got a GSP and her name is just, well, GSP. Since then I have acquired figure eights Khumari, Bob and Big Boy and another GSP named Polka.

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Post by Feathers&Fins »

I've only named one of my Puffs.
He is a red T.miurus named Nova.
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Post by chriscenter1 »

fig8s=albert, aggy
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Post by TheSmJ »

I named my two Fig8s Puffkins and Speckles (so named because he had terrible ich when I got him).

I have 6 DPs, but they're all called "little puffs", because they're all to small and move to quickly to tell apart.
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Post by rainmaker69 »

Well, My GSP, Petey the puffer, is enjoying his new tankmates Doby the Goby, Bennie the blenny and Dimmit and oh gosh darn, ma! damsel. Can you tell my son helped with the naming?
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Post by Pufferpunk »

Filbert (fahaka)
Cricket & Bozo (GSPs)
Cammie (Ceylon)
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Post by Pamela »

My F8s are called Mags, after a friend, although she's also unofficially called Rouble.
The best bit was when gay friend Robert met his underwater namesake - who had a bit of a gut at the time.
"He's fat. And he's poisonous. You named an overweight poisonous fish after me. Am I meant to be gratified by this?"
Heh heh!
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Post by Liz »

I wouldn't normally name my fish, but my little sister enjoys naming any animal, and she very astutedly (is that a word?) pointed out that my one DP in particular has a potbelly and that he is, indeed, a pufferfish, and thus the name "Potpuffer" was born from her mind. Of course, the implications of the term are those which a seven year old is oblivious to; however, I proceeded to name the other two DPs "Crackwhore" and "Junkie". I want to give the brigs snail in there (as well as the 10 others on their way) a french name, but I have yet to look up a list.

My GSP doesn't have a name yet, but I am thinking Wilbur because he IS a pig.
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