Puffer Mouth stuck open

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Puffer Mouth stuck open

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Does anyone have any ideas what might be going on with my puffer? He is a 4" blue pelagic porcupine puffer and had him for about 3 months.
I came home to his mouth staying open. I cannot see anything lodged inside. He is still swimming and eating like normal. No changes in tank, parameters or diet

Food - frozen shrimp, clams on a half shell, squid, crab, scallops, baby nassarius snails, vitamin enriched flakes

90 gallon mixed reef tank - no bullies
Salinity 1.026
Nitrate 30ppm
Nitrite 0
Ammonia 0
Alk 8dkh
PH 8.1
Mag 1265ppm
Phos 0.07
Cal 400ppm
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