South American pufferfish

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South American pufferfish

Post by Xolopkina »

Hi everyone!
Honestly all I'm asking for is for someone with a/who has had a SAP in a community tank to clarify if what the article says is true, I'm not willing to put my fish at risk of being injured etc by a bad decision I've made because I really want some kind of puffer. ... tNeale.htm

In short the article is saying because they lay eggs and leave they're unlike the others as they will not become territorial over that and just genuinely seem to always be on the move which is the opposite of every other puffer resulting in them not being so vicious..

Also if anyone could recommend a puffer they have that's fine in an aquarium with other fish I'd really appreciate that.

Figure the best bet is to literally ask for first hand experience over trusting articles and I have had some bad advice given to me by most fish shops and some point so I find it hard to believe what they're saying

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Re: South American pufferfish

Post by Pufferpunk »

I don't think ANY puffer would "thrive" in a community tank. They need special foods & are slow to get to it.
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