Spotted Congo Eating

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Spotted Congo Eating

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I have gained an interest in spotted congo pufferfish.
While im not planning on getting one iminantly i am striggling to find concrete feeding answers. A website called simply spotted congo puffer dot com said they feed their puffers 5g of snails daily (for the reasom of beak trimming). As also other sources say the diet should consist of 50%snail 50%bloodworm or alternative softer food does this mean 5g snail 5g bloodworm?

I would ideally like to know how many snails the fish would require per week including how often to feed eg every day?
I am more than ready to get a bladder snail tank set up asap to gain a large population within the tank it would move into and in the breeding tank before it is added.

Also frozen and freeze dried foods seem to be an option. Would freeze dried snails be a safe and correct replacement for the spotted congo? And with frozen foods coming larger than bladder snails if the frozen clams are added in half for instance would the puffer not just rip the meat out without the benefit of the clam shell on the dentals?

Overall i would like to gain clarity for:
Suitable hard shelled foods
Amount of hard shelled foods
Ratio of hard to soft foods
Regularity of feedings hard/soft

Many thanks,
Will :D
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Re: Spotted Congo Eating

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