T. schoutedeni ID and stocking Questions

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T. schoutedeni ID and stocking Questions

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Hi all!

I'm looking at puffers for the first time in about 10 years and started reading every post I could find about this species. Some of the older posts seem to cast a lot of doubt when users say they found some and that the only way to differentiate a GSP from a SCP is belly spines.

I've been watching a bunch of videos on SCPs and haven't seen any belly spines, and my LFS SCPs didn't seem to have belly spines. Am I missing them? Are they just mislabeled?

Another question. Thinking about 1, maybe 2 SCPs (if they're really SCPs) in a 40G Cube. Heavily planted, breaking sight lines. I feel like I seem some folks putting 2-3 in in 29 gals and this being fine, and others being told they need 40-55g. 2 w/ small cleanup crew okay or should I stink to 1?

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Re: T. schoutedeni ID and stocking Questions

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Better to ID is their body shape (more torpedo-like) & 1 shade of yellow.
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