Scale insects on plant in Fish room

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Scale insects on plant in Fish room

Post by esotericbyte »

Plant treated with Neem Oil in fish room ?

My Lilly, invested with scale insects, shares a room with My Fahaka puffer. Taco is in a 120 gallon tank on the other side of the room. He is due for filter service and water change monday or Tuesday this week. I don't have an alternate place for the plant now especially because of it's quarantine status otherwise I would just put it in another room.

After doing research for the problem I've decided to thoroughly spray the Lilly with Neem Oil extract mixed with water on the driveway and allow it to dry in the early morning and thoroughly cleaning the area where it sits. I have a large sprayer you pump to pressurize and will arrange a stand to set the plant at an angle so i can spray under all the leaves.

The lilly will probably need another treatment in a week or so and then also another two sprays in the spring.

I can't imagine a way that the treatment would get into my tank but I'm very cautious with chemicals. I don't like even cleaning the glass of the tank with anything but water and maybe a bit of white vinegar and use a steamer to clean the bathroom next to my fish room.

I welcome some insights into the neem and also chem phobia around my fish.
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Re: Scale insects on plant in Fish room

Post by Pufferpunk »

Name oil is toxic to fish but I do think that as long as you spray it outside and let it dry, and don't place the plant over the tank your fish should be fine. Keep in mind, the critters have to eat the neem oil to die. I suggest picking off as many as you possibly can and spraying the plant with a heavy stream of water.
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