Spotted Congo Puffer

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Spotted Congo Puffer

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Hey guys,
So, I recently discovered puffer fish in the hobby. in particular, the mbu puffer. i instantly fell in love. my personal favorite, the porcupine puffer - unfortunately requires a tank size i can’t provide. so after a lot of research, i’ve come across the spotted congo puffer and that seems to be the best fit for me. i plan on getting one or two within the next few weeks. i will be setting up and cycling a brand new 40 gallon aquarium, and will have it professionally “aqua scaped”. i wish they were easily sexed. i was wondering if you guys could offer any tips on me becoming a first time owner of this beautiful fish ? i will be having the tank professionally maintained monthly so don’t need tips in regards to that. also any recommended sellers of this fish ?
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Re: Spotted Congo Puffer

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https://www.pufferfishenthusiastsworldw ... choutedeni
How do you plan on cycling the tank? That's an awfully expensive fish to start out with!
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