Baby Fahaka questions

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Baby Fahaka questions

Post by Boreas »

I'm happy to have found this forum, I hope to learn from more experienced puffer owners.

I have a good amount of experience with fishkeeping but I have decided to take the leap into the puffer fish world after getting back into the hobby. I have a 1.5 inch Fahaka baby in a 125 gallon aquarium. Some times it takes a while to find it in such a large tank.

I am feeding him Hikari frozen blood worms at the moment. I want to give him some more variety in his diet but I don't know what such a small puffer fish should be eating. I have read the library post on feeding but what it doesnt cover is feeding requirements for baby puffers and as they grow. When can I feed him shelled foods like ramshorn snails? If I introduce adults snails to the aquarium will he predate any juvenile snails at this size? I am also thinking I may set up a ramshorn breeding tank under his stand. I have raw shrimp that I can chop up very small, are there any other foods that I should be trying for him?

Finally because he was wild caught, is it required to treat Fahaka for internal parasites? I didn't set up a quarantine tank, I put him in his 125. He is eating well and shows no signs of health issues. I would be happy to set up a hospital tank and treat him if that will be the best for long term health. I'm concerned though that catching him and keeping him in a smaller tank short term would cause stress

Thanks for reading!
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Re: Baby Fahaka questions

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You'd be surprised what your lil guy can take bites of! Frozen Mysis, plankton, ground-up earthworms, etc.
https://www.pufferfishenthusiastsworldw ... care-sheet
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