New to keeping pufferfish, have a few questions

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New to keeping pufferfish, have a few questions

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Hello I’m Jeff. I’ve been keeping a porcupine pufferfish for a little over a year now. I’ve always had these questions but never really asked about them. My pufferfish has been sick with ich and gotten through it in the past and is currently fighting a bacterial infection it caught from another fish in my tank. I’ve been treating with antibiotics but my fish questions is, is it normal for some skin lesions and skin or spikes fully falling off while sick.
My second questions is Ik pufferfish carry toxin and I’ve heard a lot of mixed things about them. Some people say not to touch them some people say it’s fine.
My questions are
1.) can pufferfish secrete their toxin when threatened or stressed
2.) do captive pufferfish lose their toxin over time
3.) if my pufferfish is sick or god forbid does do you need to take any precautions in terms of their toxin getting on you if it was to be released
4.) should I even worry about the toxin
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Re: New to keeping pufferfish, have a few questions

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:tuttut: 4) No, unless you eat your puffer.
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