I have moved!

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I have moved!

Post by Troender »

Last week I moved across half of Norway. I worried most of all how Ragnhild, my cutcutia would handle it. She has handled changes poorly the short time I have owned her. But the surprise is that she is one of my fishes that so far has handled moving the best! :D She is eating well (actually coming up to me to beg for food!), and seems to be in a good mood. Harald, my baileyi has not handled moving very well so far. He isn't eating much yet. I have given him earthworms, which he usually loves, but once he actually ran away from them! I am not sure if he has eaten yet. Unfortunately I have lost some fish, mostly catfish. I lost all my 8 hemiloricaria eigenmanni, and I don't know why. And I am very sad about that. But I am so happy Ragnhild is doing well! :happydance: I love that puffer very much!
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Re: I have moved!

Post by Pufferpunk »

Sorry for your losses but happy your puffer did so well.
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