Rescued 3 banged up baby GSP

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Rescued 3 banged up baby GSP

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Yesterday I went to my local place to hopefully find a nice plump GSP for my 90Gallon light brackish established tank. What I found were 3 super small banged up GSPs with frayed fins and some light scratches. I was going to pass on them but their bellies were white and their eyes were clear. 1 of the three seemed to be struggling a bit but the other two seemed active. The owner told me I could take the three of them home for $12.00. I'm pretty sure this was his break even price and he didn't expect them to live.

I decided to bring them home and give them a shot. Another pet store in the area told me they'd have some puffers in 3 days so ai figured I would grab these guys and worse case scenario just grab some healthy ones if they didn't make it. It was worth the price to give these guys a solid chance. My tank water parameters are perfect with a 1.005 SG. I put the babies in a small tank and set up a drip system from the main tank. I treated their small tank with a broad spectrum anti parasite and fungal treatment.

They started in about 2 gallons of water. After 4hrs I threw some frozen bloodworms in and they all went to town devouring them. The smallest of the three was moving slow but he managed to eat a little. At the 8hr mark the water was at 8 gallons and had leveled at 1.004 and I decided it was time to let these guys go in the big tank where there would be a good current and lots of places for them to feel secure.

The tank is a 120 gallon acrylic Uniquarium with a built in wet dry filter. I have a wave maker that simulates tides so there's always a varying water flow in the tank. This tank has been up and running for about 4 years now and I slowly converted it to brackish a month ago. It currently has about 20 mixed mollies who have lived through the transition and kept the tank algae free. It's amazing how they graze all day on every surface. I also have 5 zebra snails in there reproducing like crazy. The snails were put in specifically to feed a baby GSP with their offspring. I also have some java fern covered coconut caves and some fake plants. The substrate is a mixture of sand and crushed coral with mangrove looking real driftwood. So basically, puffer heaven.

I put them in during lights out last night and they promptly scurried into the dark corners of the tank. My aquarium light gradually illuminates in the morning over a 60 minute window. At the early dawn phase I went to the tank and dropped in some thawed blood worms. I immediately saw 2 of the puffers come out of the two coconut caves and start eating and searching the ground for food. I feed my mollies sinking herbivore disks they all attack like lions. It keeps the tank clean because there's no floating flakes. The mollies did not seem as interested in the worms so the puffers didn't have to compete for food. Sadly, I ultimately found the third puffer dead in the tank. I wasn't surprised he didn't make it. He looked super weak. As of this morning, the two puffers have been exploring the tank and don't seem bothered by the much larger fast moving mollies. I saw one of them "surf" a side of the tank for a minute or two before returning to exploring. I'm hoping these guys make it. I'm going to train them to associate me and my long forceps with food. They seem super comfortable but it's only day 1 and they have a long ways to go.

I've attached some pictures of the kids and their new home.
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Re: Rescued 3 banged up baby GSP

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Thank you for your vivid description. You're doing great with them!
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