Diodon Hystrix

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Diodon Hystrix

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I know they are considered porcupine, but was wondering if anyone keeps these guys? I currently have a Hairy Puffer - and I am just in love. He's the coolest little guy ever. I have been doing a lot of research on Mbu's and Guineafowl Puffers (sp), but have absolutely fallen in love with the spotted puffers...the size is a bit concerning as they require such a large tank, but one thing at a time lol. Was curious about their growth rate? Fairly quickly? If I were to get him/her as a juvenile, how quickly would they out grow a 120gal? I'd love to see some pics if anyone keeps them! :)
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Re: Diodon Hystrix

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I highly suggest against getting this massive fish. Better to get the smaller version, the D Holocanthus.
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