I feel like something’s wrong,,

Tain't fresh, and tain't marine! Talk about brackish setups.
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I feel like something’s wrong,,

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So my boyfriend thinks I’m being paranoid and being a helicopter mom which I do sometimes get like that.

but we just got a puffer, his names Buddy. I fell in love with him cuz he have these moments together where I just spend time with him in front of the tank.

Buddy was a calm always cruising in the water type of puffer. We’re beginners so we try to adjust to the puffer life needs as quickly as possible as we learn things along the way so he can live comfortably.

But one day my boyfriend came home with some ghost shrimp and he dumped it in the tank with minutes later I felt like something was wrong just to find out we should have quarantined the ghost shrimp first and NOT dumped the fish stores water in there. So I’m freaking out and Buddy’s also freaking out because the ghost shrimp were too fast for him and he cant see them and I think they were snapping at him.

. So I told my bf to take out the ghost shrimp so we did and we did water changes and water conditioned the. The water is brackish. But now Buddy personality and will to me he looks different.

So here are the list of things I started noticing and this is all after the shrimp incident. I’m seeing:

1.. A twitch that is not in his controll. He’s falling asleep and his body literally just twitches and bends like when they curl their tail. And this wakes him up which I’m sure has to be stressful

2. He’s constantly anxious and he barely spends time in front of me ina calm manner anymore. he’s not his gliding and cruising self. He’s constanyly pacing anxiously in circles up and down with his nose against the glass and he’s just preoccupied making these circles fans I can’t have a calm moment with him anymore. and when he goes down from his circle motion a new thing he started doing too is trembling when he comes down and he comes down rapidly.

3. He’s developed this ashy but dark hue color on his skin too he just looked weird.

I’m like adamant that we de-worm. De-parasite, de-bacteria whatever de- it is I feel like the shrimp water contaminated his body but my boyfriend is not having it so I’m planning to just secretly buy some medicinal tabs to feed him. Ive been seeing on YouTube these puffer owners give tabs with their food.
By the way can you guys suggest a good all in one tablet for ich parasites, worms, bacterial infections.

#3– I’ve been trying to look at pictures of other puffer fish but I don’t see this string coming out of near their eye and nose like
You see on Buddy. I have pics of it circled in purple I just need to be able to post it up if possible.
I can’t attach a picture because they’re saying my file
Is too large. How do I add a picture in here I want to show i

FYI - we conditioned the Water but not with antibacterial or anti-parasitic medication.

Please say I’m wrong and I’m just being A paranoid helicopter mom. My boyfriend said not to give him medicine when he isn’t sick but I think he’s wrong. I think even if he isn’t sick it’s good to at least medicate for the sake of ruling them out/ i mean it sounds like something’s wrong doesn’t it or am I just insane? Can I send people pictures who think they can help if they saw it?
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Re: I feel like something’s wrong,,

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What kind of puffer?
You can send the pics to my email. Sounds like possible anchor worms.
Try treating with PraziPro. There is no all-around disease treatment that is safe.
You are correct--NEVER add the tank water from a fish store.
You are getting sleepy... you only hear the sound of my voice... you must do water changes... water changes... water changes... water changes...

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