Novice to Green Spotted Puffer seeking advices and helps

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Novice to Green Spotted Puffer seeking advices and helps

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I'm not sure how to post a question, so I'm sorry,but I'm asking as a reply to your post. We are new to GSPs also, but we've researched A LOT and felt confident until we got her. OMG, it's UNBELIEVABLE how ATTATCHED we are to this Lil Peanut! We've had her 2 weeks today. We purchased her from Cali. The only puffers at our lfs's were dwarfs.(no offense at all to these lil darlings)She was overnighted to us, honestly, I couldn't believe she'd actually be alive. Her and her few tank mates were alive and just wonderful. They let us know what the parameters of their tanks were and we made sure ours was the same. We have a 75 gallon, cycled, whisper filters, air stones, lava rock, mopani wood, live planted tank. They were in freshwater there, but told as long as we got them acclimated to Brackish this time next year. We have 19 other fish in her tank. 10 Cardinal neon, 3 Kuhli Loach and 6 Cory Cats. She's getting a big girl tank next year when introducing her to Brackish. I would LOVE your advice on that too BTW please...and thank you in advance 😄
We had to put marine salt in her tank 2 weeks ago because she had a strange spot on her nose. Ruled as a rub spot🙏🤦🏼‍♀️ SG is 1.002...we've done a couple 7-10g water changes. Advised to do partials every week if she's a good eater.....whiiiiich leads up to the question I have.....(thanks for your patience reading this)
She is a Lil over 2 much can I feed her....she is a GREAT eater. Currently eating fd krill, carnivore wafers, fd bloodworms, Cory eggs off the plant leaves and her FAVORITE...SNAILS. How much is TOO much? She has a lil round belly and seems happy as can be.
Thank you!
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Re: Novice to Green Spotted Puffer seeking advices and helps

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You are getting sleepy... you only hear the sound of my voice... you must do water changes... water changes... water changes... water changes...

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