Fahaka stressed not eating

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Fahaka stressed not eating

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Hi everyone! I am new to this forum. Meatball, is my 7 inch, fahaka puffer. We had some algae growth in the tank so my 16 year old son did his research and bought some Vibrant. He dosed it according to the directions. Within 24 hours 4 of the rainbow fish stiffened and died. We did an emergency 75 gallon water change. It is a 125 gal tank. Waited 4 days and yesterday did another 50 % water change. I used prime to treat the water before adding to tank. Since this began meatball has stopped eating. Seems to "pace" alot. Just swims around. Is very dark but no heavy breathing. Water parameters ammonia, nitrite are zero. Nitrate is 0-.5. Anything else we should do?
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Re: Fahaka stressed not eating

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Yeah, algae chemicals are BAD. Sorry for the loss of your fish. Add fresh carbon to your filter. Try earthworms.
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