tetraodon Nigroviridis.

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tetraodon Nigroviridis.

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Hello everyone and happy new year, I present my pool, 150 liters of sea water that hosts 4 tetraodon nigroviridis. In the tank there are 4 kg of fine coral sand and 10 kg of live rocks. I opened a new topic, 2 of the tetraodon are of the brackish extension that is on the forum, and as I wrote I had intension to switch to seawater. In the tank there is also a small hermit crab for a few weeks and is not considered as a meal by tetraodon. Advice and other always welcome. A short video for you.
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Re: tetraodon Nigroviridis.

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Those looks like some happy little GSPs. How long have you had the bigger ones? I'm excited for mine to grow a bit, I feel like he should be huge for how much he eats.
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