40G Breeder Valentini Tank

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40G Breeder Valentini Tank

Post by Hillehaus »

I was wondering if anyone with Valentini experience could help me solve a stocking question:

I have a 40g Breeder with a 20g sump (large skimmer) and 60lb of live rock between the two.
The tank is stocked with:
1 Valentini (3")
2 Ocellaris Clowns (1", 1.75")
many, many Zoas/palys
small montipora
some toadstools

Is this tank capped out, as far as fish go? Is there room for a nano fish or two? If so, i'm looking for suggestions that bring a slash of color/movement to the tank without compromising the health of the original inhabitants and corals.


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Re: 40G Breeder Valentini Tank

Post by Pufferpunk »

I think you could add some fast-moving fish. Problem is though, clowns are damselfish & can get very aggressive, especially if breeding.
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Re: 40G Breeder Valentini Tank

Post by Maggiec »

I vote for a long-nose hawk (but I'm biased :wink:). My Fergus (may he swim in peace) was very fast & capable of competing for food, but without any aggression issues. I really miss him & would love to find another one

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