I’m considering a Yellowtail Damsel....yes or no?

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I’m considering a Yellowtail Damsel....yes or no?

Post by SAPpyPuffer »

So I have recently decided to jump into the realm of saltwater aquariums and am considering purchasing the fluval 13.5g aquarium. I’ve researched a stocking list, and the best “nano fish” to look into. In my research have been warned to steer clear of the damselfish, as they’re like saltwater cichlids towards the peaceful fish. However, I have fallen for the yellowtail damsel. I love its personality and looks (almost like a tiny blue tang!), it’s hardiness, and love it’s availability and low cost. Some things I read say they’re peaceful, others say they will harass other fish. Any experience?
With an occelarris clown and a fire fish (and maybe a clown goby), what would the result be? Should I use the damsel to cycle the tank, or would I introduce him last for territory? If this is a bad idea, are there similar (but still inexpensive) alternatives?
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Re: I’m considering a Yellowtail Damsel....yes or no?

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Sorry, I just saw this. What did you decide to do? Damselfish are schooling species. I would look into some much smaller fish or shrimp.
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