Tank Journal - puffers & tankmates

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Dwarf Puffer
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2 ocellaris clowns (Fred & Ginger), Yellow Watchman goby (Snape) & fine-striped pistol shrimp (Blondie), lawnmower blenny (Lennie *RIP*), mandarin (Po), tailspot blenny (Basil), longnose hawkfish (Fergus), flame hawkfish (Carol), fromia (Peach), Springeri damsel (Neil)

CUC: tuxedo urchin (Spike), electric blue hermit (Hagrid), 3 turbo snails, turban snail, orange lip conch (Ron), 5 scarlet leg hermits, purple acro crab (Spot)*RIP*.
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Re: Tank Journal - puffers & tankmates

Post by Maggiec » Fri Apr 26, 2019 11:47 am

Yeah the red spot blenny is a hoot. He’s like the cranky old guy yelling at the kids. Stay off my lawn!

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