Building tank for figure 8 puffers and need help

Tain't fresh, and tain't marine! Talk about brackish setups.
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Building tank for figure 8 puffers and need help

Post by ratrock »

I haven't had any fish in a few years but am looking to get some figure 8 puffers. I wanted to see if I am missing anything and want some tips. I will be making a brackish tank with many places to hide. I was thinking 1 male and 1 female or 1 male and 2 females.
What I currently have purchased:
- 29 gallon tank + cover
- Heater
- Thermometer
- Sea salt
- Hydrometer
- 2 filters (1 undergravel filter, 1 wheel filter)
- CaribSea Florida crushed coral substrate (2-5.5mm)
- Bubble wall
- light
Some Questions I have:
- Would I need to cycle the tank?
- Do I need to purchase any special vitamins/droppers
- Will they eat dehydrated blood worms I rehydrate?
I have an extra 3 gallon tank:
- Should I use it to grow brine shrimp for food or for snails?
- I could grow snails in a bucket but brine shrimp may be too small for them right?
Do you have any other tips?
Thank you!
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Re: Building tank for figure 8 puffers and need help

Post by Pufferpunk »

They canot be sexed, so forget that.
The tank should be cycled in the "fishless" manner. I'd cycle as FW & after it's been stable for 3-4 weeks with your puffers, you can start raising the salinity.
Good idea to breed your own snails.
UG filters are extremely old-school & a "wheel" filter will add salt-spray everywhere. Bubble-walls will do the same. I prefer Aquaclear filters. You can go for the largest one.
I suggest against crushed cotral. Use aragonite sand instead. Rinse, rinse, rinse!
I do like to soak their foods in Vita-Chem.

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