Just set up a tank yesterday

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Just set up a tank yesterday

Post by Kanzy »

Hey guys, I'm cycling a newly set up tank for a DP. It's my first time doing a planted tank and I'm afraid that I'm doing something wrong. It mainly consists of Java fern and moss and I've spread them out sparsely hoping that they'll grow in. The threads I've used to attach the moss is compressing it down, does it affect the growth? Some stainless steel mesh can also be seen, it'll be concealed once they've been outgrown right?

This is what my setup looks like currently, a cave for my DP will be added at the top left behind the wood (shipping takes time :D )

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Re: Just set up a tank yesterday

Post by Pufferpunk »

It looks very nice! I'd also attach java moss to the wood, the same way. You might be happier with clear fishing line.
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Re: Just set up a tank yesterday

Post by pokeystar »

Very nice, it will grow and fill in nicely

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