Help Sexing My Zebra Danios

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Help Sexing My Zebra Danios

Post by kaylalife »

I recently got 3 zebra danios and I have searched all over the internet but I can't figure out the gender of them. If anyone knows feel free to help.
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Re: Help Sexing My Zebra Danios

Post by freshpuffer1 »

Males often have brighter, more luminous stripes than females. Open the lid of the tank and observe the danios from above. At this angle, the females will appear “plumper” even if they are not carrying eggs.

Got it from here.

:D ( ... -1277.html)
Hopefully the helps! :D freshpuffer1

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Re: Help Sexing My Zebra Danios

Post by Pufferpunk »

This thread is from 2015
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