Swordtail bullying snails - common behavior?

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Swordtail bullying snails - common behavior?

Post by TOPuffers » Tue Sep 15, 2015 2:31 pm

Hi everyone,

In addition to loving little pea puffers (in a 20 G tank), my hubby and I also have a community tank (29 gallons) with a peaceful fish population. The tank has swordtails (7), plecos (2), gouramis (2), neon tetras (6), bamboo shrimp (6) and apple snails (4).

The problem we are having has developed in the last 4-6 weeks. Our swordtails have decided it is a fun sport to bother our apple snails. They poke them off the glass, they chase them under raised bridges, they generally harass the snails. Is this behavior normal for swordtails? We have had the tank up for 6 months, and this behavior is getting worse.

For the record, the swordtails are a Mom & Pop, and 5 of their offspring. Dozens of their offspring have been donated to our local LFS. At this rate, I may donate the remaining swordtails and find a pair of cuddly guppies to replace them >.<
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