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Dog face puffers - midnight vs yellowbelly

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 6:49 pm
by Neptune 555
I am interested in adding a dog face puffer to my reef. I like the midnight dog face puffer and the yellowbelly dog face puffer. I have a few questions as I am getting prepared for my new addition!

* Are their differences in tank requirements for these two puffers? LA / indicates that the midnight species can survive in a 100 gallon tank and the yellowbelly needs a 75 gallon minimum sized tank? As they seem the same species it seems odd?
* What Is the temperament for each of these fish? I am placing them in a tank with tangs / hali
wrasse / flame angel / I am thinking of adding a trigger fish.
* Can either of these dog face puffers cohabitate with a blue spotted puffer?
* I have a reef now - will some of my coral be able to survive? my blue spotted puffer does not bother any of my coral? I am only concerned with keeping my xenia / leather coral / mushrooms.
* What size do these fish become?

thanks! I currently have a 75 gallon reef and looking to upgrade to a 6 foot tank with 125 / 150 / 180.

Thanks! I am so glad I found this site!


Re: Dog face puffers - midnight vs yellowbelly

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2018 1:46 pm
by Pufferpunk
I wouldn't trust ANY puffer with your coral, although best success has been with the sharpnosed-species. I do think though that the corals you have mentioned taste bad & might be safe. I also wouldn't think your smaller puff would be safe with the larger one. Best to keep either of these dogfaced in a minimum of 100g.