Puffer Valentini and Puffer Solandri together

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Puffer Valentini and Puffer Solandri together

Post by CarlosGrigolon »

Hello everybody!

I/ m from Brazil, and I have a 100 Gallon reef + 20 gallons of rear sump, equipped with 80 galons/hour pump and 3 more wavemakers of 80 g/h each, a Macro Aqua AS150P skimmer, a lighting setup that I made myself for Softs and LPS. As a filtration, I have about 20 pounds of matured live rock from old reefs that I had + 2 pounds of siporax and 2 pounds of seachem matrix. I do weekly biology maintenance with MicrobeLift, I feed corals with Reef Energy AB+ two times per week, and every 6 months, I inoculate copepods, mainly for Bangai and Copperband, my two hard-to-feed guys. In this aquarium I have:

1 pair of small clownfish (1,5 inch each)
1 royal gram (about 2,5 inch)
1 Ruby longfin wrasse (about 3 inch)
1 goby firefish (about 2,5 inch)
1 Bangai cardinal (about 3 inch)
1 acanthurus bahianus (about 4 inch)
1 copperband butterfly (about 4 inch)
1 Valentini puffer (about 3 inch)
1 small springeri maiden (about 1,5 inch)
1 large dancer shrimp
1 medium stenopus

Now I'm completely in love with Puffer solandri, and looking at my Valentini, who doesn't pinch corals, doesn't mess with any fish, is super calm, peaceful, gluttonous (I need to replace hermit crabs constantly, which always become a snack for my puffer, no matter how much I feed it, granules, flakes, shrimp, vongole, mysis, fishballs, etc, etc, etc...), I can't imagine any hostility from my chubby smooth guy, who is the superstar in my reef, it was my first fish after the clownfishes. Can have the solandri and the Valentini living together in a peaceful way?

Thanks and Regards!
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Re: Puffer Valentini and Puffer Solandri together

Post by Pufferpunk »

Yes, those 2 are fine. I also have kept a bluespot with them.
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