I’m getting a blue spotted puffer

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I’m getting a blue spotted puffer

Post by Dyerrm »

As the title says I’m getting blue spotted puffer. Picking him up from a local reefer and I need all the advice I can get.

My current set up is 75 gallon tank with a tomini tang a yellow wrasse and a mandarin dragonet

I know he may eat my snails and my hermits and I am ok with this (I don’t like the hermits anywAy!)

I found out the guy was only feeding him dried krill and flake food (poor fishie!)

I currently feed LRS frozen

I know this guy needs shelled things to keep his teeth from growing to much. I’d like to provide him with snails and other things. Can I just put ghost shrimp in my DT? Will they survive long enough to be eaten by my new puffer?

I want him to be happy and healthy! (And leave my corals alone!)
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Re: I’m getting a blue spotted puffer

Post by Pufferpunk »

Cool, my favorite lil puffer! Ghost shrimp are not very nutritious, unless gut-loaded.
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