fahaka feeding frequency

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fahaka feeding frequency

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Hi all,

I have had my baby fahaka (Frank!) for about 3.5 weeks now. Initially he was eating really well on bloodworm, small snails and pretty much anything. He is about 2 inches.

Last week I 'de-wormed' him by soaking bloodworms in flubendazol for an hour or 2 before feeding them to him, day 1 he ate them really well and the next morning I could see what I am pretty sure were dead worms coming out. Day 2 he barely ate, day 3/4/5 he ate little bits of the soaked food but not much. I assume that the de-worming has worked based on the fact I saw worms coming out on day 2.

a couple of days has past and he is eating but nowhere near as much as he was before the de-worming. Is that normal?

How many times a day should i feed him?

Since I have had him his tummy has been curved in (like you see with underfed fish) though this soon fills out once he's eaten.


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