Rescue Mbu- in bad way

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Re: Rescue Mbu- in bad way

Post by TrevorA »

Can't add anything helpful I'm afraid other than wishing you both good luck. We're just down the road near Market Harborough but you seem to be doing everything you can.

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Re: Rescue Mbu- in bad way

Post by capester »

Hello, thanks for all the help and advice- unfortunately it was all in vain. Why are there so many Mbus on sale in shops up and down the country? I reckon 1 in 200 probably have an ok life- the rest are consigned to an early death.

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Re: Rescue Mbu- in bad way

Post by Pufferpunk »

For the same reasons they sell pacus, redtail catfish, iridescent sharks, alligator gars, etc...



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