Would you buy a chiller for this issue?

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Would you buy a chiller for this issue?

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Hey all, I live in satan's butthole called good ol' arizona. I do my weekly water changes on my puffer tank. 150 gallon. The issue is now at this time of year when i go to fill up the tank, my coldest faucet water is 90 degrees!!!! The tank stays around 78-80 degrees but when i refill it hits 87 degrees with the water change. I change the water towards the night and i put in an air stone and turn a fan on the tank. By morning it is back to 78-80.

I am just wondering if this would warrant a chiller for refilling. They are pretty pricy and i want to make sure the benefit weighs in the cost for the only time it will be used is when i am refilling. My puffer seems unaffected by the temp change as the redtail shark also but i don't know if i am causing and health issues doing it this way. What are y'alls opinions on this matter?

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Re: Would you buy a chiller for this issue?

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Could you add ice cubes to the water before adding? Or ice packs to bring it down a little, that is a serious temp swing for a fish to take.
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Re: Would you buy a chiller for this issue?

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If you got one of those large brute trash that others use to mix salt water in you could fill it a day before the wc throw in ice cubes or have a fan blowing across the top to cool it off.
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Re: Would you buy a chiller for this issue?

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+1 to puffykid's comment above. I find it a lot easier to store the water a day or two with a circulation pump which can be used to transfer the aged/tempered and treated water to the display tank. It uses a lot less power than a chiller and is far lower cost. In fact, this is what I do with and for all of my water for partials, and have for decades. I don't like using un-aged water. I want all pretreatments and tempering done in the water-safe containers instead of in the display tanks. It is safer and gentler for the fish.
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