what size should fahaka puffer be to feed crayfish

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what size should fahaka puffer be to feed crayfish

Post by sw10mm »

My puffer is about 3.5 inches with tail when can I feed him crayfish? I dontt want him to get hurt
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Re: what size should fahaka puffer be to feed crayfish

Post by purplecandle »

at that size, it may be better to buy dead crayfish from the seafood market, bring them home and freeze them for 24 hours to be on the safe side. Then thaw them out and hammer them a bit to break the shell.. just a little, then toss in tank. Have your vacuum handy as there will be a lot of mess and if the crayfish is big enough he might not be able to eat it all, so pull it out after a few minutes.

Once he is big enough to tackle a live crayfish you can just pull off the claws to avoid a pinch to your puffer.
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Re: what size should fahaka puffer be to feed crayfish

Post by Pufferpunk »

Look for crays around 2" & under. Try female (2 small claws) fiddler crabs.
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Re: what size should fahaka puffer be to feed crayfish

Post by defool89 »

I fed my old f8 crayfish and those boys are tiny. I read somewhere that crayfish dont feel pain and I choose to believe that wether its true or not...If I were you I would get a blunt Object, like the handle of a knife or so, and pound the live cray a few times in the top of the body, all the meat and green stuff willl stick out while the cray still wiggles and moves slowly..puffers go nuts when they see that. A bit of advise if you do that is to rinse it a little to wash away some of the meat debris so it doesnt pollute the water too much. I still do that for my fahaka and he just gobbles him up. And because the puff is so small just freeze the left overs for later. People freeze crabs and crays live, they put them in boiling water live and in ovens...so no i dont feel bad
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Re: what size should fahaka puffer be to feed crayfish

Post by J-P »

just declaw it before feeding.
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